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Sign up for your 3-day Summer Smoothie Package today!

  • Date:27/06/2022 10:00 AM
  • Location 760 Lakeshore Rd E Suite 105 (Map)


As the summer approaches, get prepared with a delicious 3 day package of smoothies, drinks and tea that will help you stay cool, feel a little lighter but also completely satisfied. 

  • The total package will include the following frozen preparations/teas:
    • 6 Infusion water packets of your choice

    • 3 lemon, spice and everything nice packets

    • 3 Fruit smoothies: berry blend, tropical, and orangesicle 

    • 3 Green smoothies: popeye power, kale-icious, and green machine

    • 3 Protein shakes: peanut butter, almond joy, chocolate treat

    • 3 Nighttime tea bags

  • Requirements:

    • Blender

    • Liquid of choice to prepare each smoothie/shake (i.e. water, milk/plant based beverage, or coconut water)

  • Optional:

    • During this program you can prepare light salads and soups throughout

  • Pick up date: June 27, 2022 from 10-5:00pm 

    • Since these are frozen packages, you can start at any point within the next 3-5 days, as long as they remain frozen.

  • Last day to register: June 22, 2022 

  • Price: $120 for the 3 day package

  • Click here for additional details and to register!